Who is GingerJam?

I'm a thirty-something photographer who is passionate about providing a documentary approach to family and wedding photography. When not out with the camera I am very much a family man, I love being a husband and father - sure, its not all sunshine and smiles, but the challenging times as a parent really do make you appreciate all the little things.

Just before my son came along, we moved back to the village I grew up in - living on the edge of a large forest is something I realised I was very lucky to have done. As a family, we all love being out in the woods and I can already see how much this will play a part in our future. Now we’ve added to the family with a little girl, having fun together is the main aim.

My photography journey & commitment

Picking up a camera was something that happened pretty late in life, looking back I wished I had done it when I was a lot younger, when I had more time to dedicate to photography and developing my skills. Although I do appreciate a lot of different styles and types of photography, its portraiture that kept pressing buttons in my brain - images of people and connections with each other, even if the other person is the viewer of the image.

Since beginning with studio portraiture, I have gravitated towards all things family related. Catching the natural and unposed moments is something I love. Being able to do that for other people is something I fine incredibly rewarding.

As family time is hugely important to me, its something I am passionate about capturing for others too; time flies by so fast so preserving the moments that matter is vital. Offering this to other families is something I am very proud and honoured to be able to do. I am comitted to offering the best of myself to ensure that every session I am involved in gets the same high level of personal investment from me - I like to do my homework, to prepare and try to understand how I can best photograph every occassion.

Prices and further information

If you are interested in finding out more then get in touch - I have a neat little PDF to share with you that outlines my approach along with what you can expect from me along with prices.

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