New site and a fresh start...

Welcome to the start of a new site, with a new look and a new logo!

I'd like to say its a new me as well, after the Christmas and New Year I had I could certainly benefit from a few changes to my diet and exercise, but that's not what is going on (yet!). I decided that it was time to get a little more serious with how I presented myself and my photography; for the past few years I have run a blog-come-website that I haven't really controlled and as a result its a real mish-mash of stuff. Shots from workshops, model sessions, weddings, days out with friends and pretty much anything else I could post.

It's time that I reeled that in a bit; whilst I'm gonna keep that site for now, I wanted to also start portraying myself how I'd like to be seen from a more 'professional' point-of-view - not for one minute am I turning pro though!!

I'm aiming to keep the presentation of the site a lot cleaner and more user friendly - gone are all of the tabs and countless pages, (that half the time didn't work properly), I'm hoping to have a few pages now to show my work, and then run this blog section as a separate part too.

The blog should mean that I'm not posting pages and pages of random projects and holidays, whilst I am going to post updates and personal stuff, it should all look and feel a bit tidier. There's also a contact section that will get you through to my email, so if you want to message or chat feel free to get in touch.

So here's the start of something new for me, and hopefully it'll all be worth looking at and keeping bookmarked!