My French Evolution...

It was a busy end to the month for me, after finding out that my girlfriend and I will be having a baby boy this summer, I quickly hopped on a plane to France - the two things were NOT related!!

It was a planned trip to assist a very good friend of mine with her University project, I was honoured to be asked to help her and I really hope that the shots we got together help her to achieve the grade she wants and really deserves.

I met Emilie last year and we got on straight away, she'd helped me out with some makeup work for a few shoots I have done as well as stepping in front of the camera to model! In December she asked if I would photograph her projects, of course I said yes, and after finding out that I would be shooting on location in France, I was even more excited!

Emilie out in Strasbourg

Emilie out in Strasbourg

So we flew out, Emilie, her boyfriend Hugo and his sister Margot. It was a long first day but after flying to Barden-Barden, (not Bora-Bora as I hoped), we were greeted by Emilie's father at the airport who whisked us off to a village about 30 mins from Strasbourg to their family home.

I was welcomed into the family instantly and immediately felt at home, as well as learning about Emilie's parents lives I was treated to the most amazing food and drink. (With her dad being an amazing chef I was thinking about staying longer!)

I'd never been to Strasbourg before but after visiting I certainly want to go back soon and explore properly; running around with the camera was tough work and we never had any spare time to see the sights really - one day we had a quick wander but it went too fast!

The local area is really charming and being taken for a more traditional meal one evening I really got the taste for the local cuisine too; the tarte flambee was just as incredible as it was promised to be!

We worked on some great projects in and around Strasbourg - one highlight was shooting in Papoo's (which was like a wacky warehouse kind of soft play centre), we also shot in Paris too; all of which I can show once Emilie's project has been submitted at the end of May, but I just wanted to write a quick note about the trip!