Café au lait avec Emilie

The trip to France last month was amazing, working with Emilie is always fun and we get on so well - being asked to stay with her and her family and photograph for her University project was a real honour.

One of the shoots was to be set in a coffee shop in Strasbourg, and after a walk around we found the perfect place. Just as we got to the café, Emilie spotted a friend of hers (who actually studies in Manchester!?), and following a brief chat left for us to continue our shoot.

Emilie and her mother were to be the stars of the show, but when we arrived and got permission to shoot there the waitress was eager to get in on the action. We ordered some drinks and she delivered them then insisted that I take her photograph!

Following that we 'pretended' that Emilie was drinking coffee - she's probably the only person who I know that doesn't drink hot drinks?! (Thats right, no tea or coffee!!). So anyway, here's what we came up with for the project...