Who is Ginger Jam Photography?

Essentially its me.

I'm Chris and I've been shooting for the past 7 years, it started as a bit of fun and I orignially wanted to improve to get some good holiday snaps; and wow, how things have developed!

From taking 'nice' holiday photos, I found myself looking at people with more interest- the more I worked with individuals and got to know them the more I found myself enjoying it. I've done a few studio courses and workshops which has given me a chance to learn so many skills and techniques, meet some wonderful people and make some great friends.

As time has passed its become more than a hobby, its become a way of life for me. If I'm not taking photographs, I'm looking at them, or talking about them or talking to them! (I don't really talk to them)
I've gained confidence in so many things but am the last person to think I know it all. I've never stopped learning and I am sure I never will.

What else do I do?

I've had a pretty fortunate working life so far, I joined an advertising agency 17 years ago and I've worked in pretty much every department; began life as a production assistant before moving to account management and for the past 8 years I have been working in a studio as a graphic designer. I now work with Like Minds, a creative communication company and I'm based in their Kenilworth office.

I've always been creative so moving into photography has been quite natural and I've found myself instinctively reacting to what is in front of me rather than just making do with what I am presented with.

What do I shoot?

As I say, mainly portraiture - but, as this in my view, covers almost anything with people, I've been fortunate enough to have experienced some amazing stuff. I've done model shoots, birthday parties, engagement sessions and weddings, all of which I have loved and I think I've been a welcome part of.

Why do I shoot?

That's simple - because I love to.

Some photographers go through the motions and do it because they feel they have to or that its their job - I get the same excitement and anticipation every time I shoot and I strive to ensure that the results can be the best they can be.

Want to get in touch?

Then email me!


I love to hear from people and chat; wether it be discussing a potential booking, talking photography or just to say hi. You can also follow the links at the bottom of the page for my social media pages.